How to use Lucky Patcher for in-app purchases?

These days’ various cheat tools are used for cracking the apps specially by the gaming geeks. This way they can effortlessly go ahead and explore the app without making any in-app purchases. Lucky Patcher is one such app and has now become a popular one in the android market. It makes your task a lot easier by manipulating certain apps thereby allowing you to do some operations which are otherwise impossible to do.

Basically, Lucky Patcher serves the purpose of;

  • Removing Ads
  • Modifying Apps
  • Removal of License Verification from numerous Android Apps.
  • Applying patches on android apps to get a premium version of the same.
  • Usually, In App purchases is made in order to get coins, lives and so on.
  • Can be used to block ads.


Lucky Patcher works on ART runtime as well as Dalvik runtime ( ART is used on Lollipop and will be used on future versions of android)

Can be used to block ads.


  1. Open the app and grant root access.
  2. Click the app you want to hack.
  3. Click “Open Menu of Patches”.”
  4. Click on “Support patch for InApp andLVL emulation”
  5. Leave as it is and click Apply
  6. Now it will patch the app
  7. You can see the Patch results. We got some luck here. 23% of luck. Launch it.
  8. Try to buy coins or anything from the app
  9. Now Lucky Patcher Billing Hack would ask to get that item for free. That’s what we want. Click Yes. If it not works, turn on “Send a reply to the application unsigned” and try again.
  10. Now the purchase will be successfully done.







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