How to Download LuckyPatcher for PC – Windows 10/8

Lucky Patcher is one of the must have apps for rooted Android smartphone these days. There is so much you can do with this small app from getting unlimited lives in candy crush to patching the games to get paid features for free. This app can work with most of versions of android out there hassle free and is a great tool for people who like play games on their mobile devices.

But, the world has never been occupied by like minded people, has it ? A few of the users love to play android games albeit on PC. While LuckyPatcher app has been developed for smartphone users, people using android emulators on PCs can also use this to patch games.

Download Lucky Patcher for PC

In order to patch games, you will have to download latest version of LuckyPatcher. Follow this link to download Lucky Patcher on Windows 10/8.

How to use Lucky Patcher for PC

  • Once you have got the LP app, download Rooted Bluestacks for your pc.
  • To download rooted Bluestacks you can do a quick google search
  • Install the rooted Bluestacks app by giving it the admin privileges.
  • Make sure the PC is connected to internet while the bluestacks completes installation process.
  • After the installation is complete, double click on .apk file of lucky patcher you downloaded before. Bluestacks window will appear and it will be installed
  • Now the you can patch games and app as described in this article : Patch Games using Lucky Patcher.

If you face any difficulties during installation of bluestacks or while patching the game, leave us a quick message via the comment section and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Note : If Chrome displays this message for every .apk file that you download. This is just an warning message, you can ignore it.

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