How to Download and Install Modded Play Store for Android

Smartphone world is increasing like a universe with each passing day and there is almost no limit to this expansion. Development of mobile dedicated OS such as iOS, Android and Tizen have made these little devices of utmost importance in our daily lives. Today, smartphone is all you want to cater your need for communication, entertainment and productivity  and with the development of billions of different apps, phones can virtually do every imaginable thing.

Android is the most popular mobile OS currently available which captures over 85% of total market share. This substantial lead of Android over other operating systems can be attributed to the fact that Android is a freeware and also to the millions of apps present on Google Play. While most of the apps available on Play Store are free, most of these are probably crap and you still have shell out some bucks to use some premium apps. If you are one of those who support the developers in developing good apps head over to Google Play and pay for the app you want to use. But if you are on a very tight budget and are looking for some ways to use premium apps for free, you need to continue scrolling through this article.

To use premium apps for free, users can download Modded Google Play on their smartphones which is a replica of original app in terms or design, look, connectivity but comes with some added features listed below.

  • Free license verification
    With the help of Modded Google Play you can verify the license of any app downloaded from the web which means if you have apk of a premium app you can use that without any hassle.
    License verification can also be removed using Lucky Patcher.
  • Never updates automatically
  • If you have ever downloaded any paid app from Play store, you might be aware of the fact that refund can be claimed within 2 hours of the installation and the app will be uninstalled from your device but using Modded Google Play you will be able to get your money back while also keeping the app.
  • Note: Paid apps cannot be directly downloaded for free using this and Modded Google Play does not help in in-app purchases.

Install Modded Google Play on your smartphones

Note: Your smartphone must be rooted

  • Download Lucky Patcher and install it on your smartphone.
  • Open lucky patcher and provide it root access.
  • Tap on Toolbox at the bottom and scroll down to find “Patch to android”.
  • Check the first, second and fourth option : “Signature verification status always true” , “Disable .apk signature verification” and “Support patch for InApp and LVL  emulation”.
  • Click on apply and wait for the phone to get rebooted.
  • Once the phone is rebooted, open lucky patcher again and tap on Tool Box and scroll down to find install modded play store.
  • Select the latest version of Modded Google Play according to your android version. If you are still on GingerBread (which is very unlikely) download it for gingerbread version.
  • Modded store will be downloaded and installed, and your phone will be rebooted once again. If not, do it manually.
  • You can now see the installed modded store and it can be used for installation of premium apps.

If you faced any difficulty while installation process, do mention it in the comment section and we will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi Prateek,

    It is so true how this little Smartphone universe expands without limit. 5 minutes ago I spent nearly a half hour hopping here and there on my phone. From Twitter to my blog to Instagram and all spots in between, we live in a time of small screens and big time functionality. Amazing how even 5 years ago things were so different. Let alone, 10 to 20 years ago 😉


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